Advisor - Energy and Climate Change

Abigail Cutajar

Ministry Secretariat – Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise, Malta

A Warranted and Chartered Engineer by profession. Mainly focuses on policy development of new emerging technologies within Energy and Climate sectors as well as development of green construction. Obtained both Bachelor and Master degrees in Engineering from the University of Malta. Furthered, studies in the areas of Energy and Sustainability in buildings which led to the acquisition of professional accreditation in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).  Appointed as an Advisor to the Maltese Government for the execution of policy development within the areas of Energy, Electrification and Climate Action. Her involvement in the building sector includes providing technical expertise to achieve high-performance green building design and construction projects through the adoption of LEED practices. Her work experience varies widely across different industries. This involves the implementation of high-value investment projects, in efforts to acquire and certify state-of-the-art developments, which are highly efficient and sustainable along the whole lifecycle of the project.