Senior Fellow

Andrew Hyde

Stimson Center on the Transforming Conflict and Governance Program

Andrew Hyde is a Director and Senior Fellow at the Stimson Center on the Transforming Conflict and Governance Program where he leads on projects covering UN Peacekeeping and UN financing.

Prior to Stimson, Andrew served for nearly 30 years as a career U.S. Foreign Service Officer.  During his diplomatic tenure, Andrew worked extensively on multilateral diplomacy at the global and regional levels.  He also held several positions focused on international economic relations, with a specialty in energy.  At the State Department, he led a team that provided a regional focus to U.S. multilateral engagement, especially at the United Nations and also where he developed a comprehensive strategy for meeting U.S. financial commitments to the United Nations.

Andrew has also worked in the U.S. Congress, in both the House and Senate.  He has a Master’s degree in National Resource Strategy from the Dwight Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy (National Defense University) with a specialty in Energy policy, and a BA in International Relations, Economics and Political Science from Dickinson College.  He also has done graduate studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the London School of Economics.