Senior Advisor to the Director-General

Stefano Marguccio

International Renewable Energy Agency

Stefano Marguccio is the Senior Advisor to the Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Prior to his tenure at IRENA, Stefano held the post of Deputy Head of the Policy Planning Unit in the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His work involved drafting policies, strategies, and analysis, whilst managing a large group and liaising with corporations and various academia. He has been posted abroad in Venezuela and Albania, and he has acted as Alternate Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations in Rome and to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Between 2014 and 2018, he worked as Diplomatic Advisor to the Minister of Environment, following closely sustainable development and climate diplomacy during the Italian Presidency of the European Council, the approval of the Agenda 2030, COP21 in Paris, the Italian Presidency of the G7, and the outreach whilst Italy was holding a seat in the Security Council of the United Nations. These experiences earned him invaluable knowledge and insight into international trends and decision-making, honing both his diplomatic and political skills.

Heralding from the beautiful Lombardy region of Italy, Stefano has traveled extensively both for work and pleasure. On top of holding a Master degree in Public Administration from Bocconi University, a Masters in Diplomacy from the Institute for International Political Studies and a Degree in Law, he is a published Fantasy fiction author and a keen horseback rider.